Two Things For Summer

As I'm writing this post I can see a cloudy sky outside the window. But in my mind I'm already dreaming about walking the streets of Budapest this summer in all of my new an beloved fashion pieces. Shopping for summer is probably one of my favorite things as it usually starts around this time of year (working for a fashion brand thought me that haha) and you get the slight sensation of warm sunny days, longs evenings and walks outside. 

This time around there are two things I've been particularly interested in when it comes to my wardrobe additions. Well they're not the only ones of course but they're the ones I can't get over right now. You know when you just find something and you can't get it out of your head? Well that's it. I feel like spring/summer is always a good time to change up your wardrobe at least a bit and try to experiment with it as well.. As I mentioned before I'm quite over my black wardrobe and with the upcoming warmer weather I'm getting more and more into light colors so there's a theme to these bit's I'm going to show you I know. 

I've been OBSESSED with shoes at the moment. As you could see and read in one of my latest posts (here) I have a serious problem when it comes to shoes and it doesn't seem like it's going away. I'm all about mules, slip on backless shoes, strap sandals and pumps at the moment especially if they're in suede or fun color. How beautiful are these apricot Mango strap sandals?! Or the Esprit slip on backless flats in cream suede? Dreamy. 

Yes, I went from all black to linen, I know. I love all of those earthy tones that linen usually comes in and the more "Amish-like" the better. It doesn't really matter whether it's in dress, trouser or blouse form - I want it all. I can already imagine myself wearing the Esprit blazer and Mango trousers together (don't they look super matchy-matchy?). And the Mango dress I'm wearing is to die for even though my boyfriend said I look like a farmer's wife haha. 

Which trends are you into right now and which of these bits mentioned you liked the most?
I'm off to get a new pair of shoes haha!

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  1. No pres ty radoby umelecky cmaranice nic bohuzel neni videt. :I



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