Romania on Film

If you follow me on Instagram (which you for sure should haha!) you probably saw that I got to go to Bucharest a few weeks ago. I went to help with the new COS store opening which I'm forever grateful for because I would probably never go to Romania instead of places like Stockholm, Budapest etc.. But to be honest I'm so glad I got the opportunity because it's such a strange yet beautiful city. As I usually take about million pictures while away I decided to buy a disposable camera this time with only 27 pictures and let me tell you - IT'S STRESSFUL haha. So here are a few of them and I will link some cool places to visit below as well! 

Palace of the Parliament - second largest administrative building in the world!
National Museom of Contemporary Art
Village Museum (click)
Energia (click) - the best salads ever!
Form Fusion (click)
The Urbanist (click)
Caru' cu Bere (click) - for traditional Romanian food
Constanta - for the beaut abandoned Casino above

Hope you like this spin on my regular pictures!
And a huge hug and loads of kisses to my COS family for making this trip so great!

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  1. Ty fotky jsou fakt kouzelný <3 Skvělý prostě...
    Měj se krásně,



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