Let's Talk Brushes: My Absolute Favorites

I haven't done a post on makeup brushes for such a long time! Seriously, it needed to change. Recently I went through my brush collection, gave some of my brushes to my sister or friends and kept only those I really use (almost) on a daily basis. When I did that I realized I can't imagine not having several brushes. Fancy knowing which ones?

First of all and without even thinking we have the NARS Yachiyo brush which, oh my, I love to death. It was a present from my family and it's just great for so many things! You can contour with it, apply blush, set your concealer. You name it. Another one great for setting your under eyes and for powder in general is my newest love - the Wayne Goss 02 brush. This is for sure the softest thing I will ever touch, the size is perfect for powder, highlight but even for contour and blush. Pricey but totally worth it! Let's talk base now. When my BeautyBlender is too dirty to use or I'm just lazy then the Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face* brush comes on stage and works its wonders. I think the only thing I can about this one is that it's the best foundation brush ever. I gave all of my Real Techniques brushes to my sister (even though I really loved them I just wasn't using them as much as they deserved) but I had to keep the Setting Brush. I don't use it for setting but for blending in concealer or applying cream highlighter. Dreamy yet affordable brush! Now I'm not a fan when it comes to over-bronzing the skin so the Sephora PRO Stippling brush is right up my alley. It applies just the right amount of product and you can't go overboard. Ever. Lastly I have only one eye brush which sums up my approach to makeup - when your base is looking good, you look good! I can apply the eyeshadow with any brush basically (Zoeva does great ones and Sephora also) but the one that works all the magic is the Bobbi Brown Eye Blender*. Patchy eyeshadow? This will get rid of it. Unblended crease? Still there for you. The hype is real. 

So there you have it! My absolute favorite brushes! Which are yours?
Happy Sunday everyone!

Krásnou neděli! Video o svých oblíbených štětcích jsem chtěla natočit již nějakou dobu, realita ovšem dlouho nepřála, takže jste si museli trochu počkat. Zato vám ale ve videu ukážu všechny své oblíbence a taky několik štětců, bez kterých si nedokážu představit líčení. Mezi ty patří rozhodně Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face*, Wayne Goss 02, NARS Yachiyo, Bobbi Brown Eye Blender*, Sephora PRO Stippling a Real Techniques Setting Brush

Jaké jsou vaše oblíbené štětce? 
Doufám, že se vám video líbilo! 

3 komentáře

  1. I seriously need to try this NARS Yachiyo brush. I've heard so many incredible things about it and it also looks beautiful! xx
    Celina | The Celution | Bloglovin’

  2. Tento komentář byl odstraněn autorem.

  3. Chtěla jsem se zeptat ohledně toho štětce Bobbi Brown Full Coverage Face - jestli netahá kůži při aplikaci. Díky :-)



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