Reflecting On 2016

New year. Some people like the idea of a new start with its arrival but not in my case. January is usually one of the most stressful months of the year (and this one is no exception with my upcoming state exam) so there's not much time for a fresh start. But there's one thing I try to make time for during this period and that is reflecting on the year that has gone. 2016 has without a doubt been one of the most important and challenging year of my life especially personally. I realized a lot of things throughout this year and I'll forever be grateful for some of the amazing things that happened to me in 2016. 

1. I started working for COS
2016 has been the year when I fulfilled one of my unspoken dreams to work for probably my all time favorite brand. I remember stumbling upon the job offer, preparing for the interview & getting the acceptance call so vividly it feels like yesterday. Even though it may seems stupid for some I actually really enjoy the fact of working in retail & as I'm now able to do a bit of visual's work as well I feel like it all comes together with the other stuff I do. Plus I met some of the best people ever throughout this experience. 

2. I fulfilled my dream of going to Japan
I've been dreaming of going back to Asia & especially to Japan ever since we got back from our first trip to SE Asia. The fact that it's so far away and the culture is so different is something I will never get past and I think both of these trips left something in me. Japan is by far the most beautiful country I have ever been to and I know for sure I will be back. 

3. I gained a new outlook on blogging
This one is strongly connected to out Japanese travels but this year I (maybe finally) realized that even though I love blogging and probably will continue to do so going forward I don't feel as passionate about it anymore. This one has a lot to do with the fact that majority of the people here in the Czech Republic are kind of doing the same thing when it comes to blogging and I generally feel uninspired by this but I'm working on changing my attitude and thinking about new content I promise. I just came to a conclusion that not writing when I don't feel like it is far better than producing content I'm not happy with. 

4. I (well we) moved house
And more important we love our new place. I've been thinking about my own place in Prague for as long as I can remember and finally having one we could furnish and decorate ourselves is a real dream come true. I can happily report that it also affected our relationship the best way possible and we've never been happier together. 

Coat - Rada Studio (click) || Knit - Uniqlo || Jeans - H&M || Shoes - Vagabond via Zoot || Bag - Mango || Glasses - EyeBuyDirect

5. I got back into fashion BIG TIME
And it's one of the other reasons why I'm kind of in a dead place when it comes to blogging. My style has definitely changed a lot this year and even though I feel pretty confident about that I'm yet to find my style in taking pictures and expressing my love for fashion throughout social media in a way I would be happy about but I'm slowly getting there. 

6. I realized I need a routine 
This year has been the year when I "took my blogging" onto another level meaning that I really started working with brands etc. Thanks to that I also realized that I would be a terrible full-time blogger because I just need a routine. Having to actually go to work is something that gets me out of bed and leaves me productive for the rest of the day but without that I would probably procrastinate the whole day. Well working from home is obviously not for everyone..

2016 has really been an eye-opening year for me and I'm beyond excited to see what 2017 brings. I'll end this post with some girls that inspired me the most in the past year so go and show them some love.

Lizzy (click) - Probably my biggest inspiration at the moment and the perfect example of a hardworking yet down to earth #girlboss. Pleasure to read every post & watch every video (be sure to check out the Testing Basics series!).
Sju (click) - Because she's different. And doesn't give a shiz. The visual side of her posts & site is beyond and you actually enjoy the reading as well. 
Megan (click) - Even though my style is far away from Megan's I honestly enjoy her personality and mind-set and following her kind of pushes me out of my comfort zone. 
Adela (click) - The visual perfection & another amazing #girlboss which continues to inspire me year after year.

Have the best year and never stop challenging yourself!
xx Linda

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